American Express Community Stadium Seating Plans

American Express Community Stadium is also known as Falmer Stadium, The Amex

American Express Community Stadium Address Village Way, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 9BL


American Express Community Stadium Floor Plans and Seating Layouts

Where are the best seats at American Express Community Stadium?

The American Express Community Stadium Seating PlanThe American Express Community Stadium, or The Amex is the sponsorship name of Falmer Stadium in Brighton

The stadium has seat blocks closest to the pitch numbered S1A - S1I, W1A - W1D, W1E - W1I, N1A - N1I, E1A - E1H. You should head for these seats if you want to be close to the action. Behind seat blocks S1H and S1I are blocks S2H and S2I. Behind seat blocks W1A - W1I you will find blocks HBL, MGS, UGS, UGN, MGN amd LGN and behind these are seat blocks W3A - W3I, which are higher up and futher from the pitch. Behind seat blocks N1A are N2A and N2B. Behind seat blocks E1A - E1H you will find seat blocks E3A - E3H. Behind seat blocks W1D and W1F you will find seat block W1DH. Behind seat blocks E1D and E1E you will find E1DH.

Occasionally the stadium makes use of a stage, which is positioned on the pitch in front of seat blocks E1D and E1E facing to the W named seat blocks. Additional seating is provided on the pitch. These are A1 - A11, B1 - B9 and C1 - C4 and C6 - C9.