The Lowry Seating Plans

The Lowry is also known as Lyric Theatre

The Lowry Address Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester M50 3AZ


The Lowry Floor Plans and Seating Layouts

Where are the best seats at The Lowry?

The Lowry Seating PlanThe Lowry Theatre is an ultra modern arts complex. The Lowry has 4 wheelchairs (3 manual and 1 motorised) available for loan with a small returnable deposit. These can be booked through Box Office

This page gives information about the Lyric Theatre at The Lowry.

Seat rows are numbered from A - X in the stalls. Closest to the stage is Row A, which consists of seat numbers 1 - 8

Rows H, K and X have wheel chair accessible seating. Behind Row H is the aisles, which give access to the rear seats in the stalls.

Above the stalls you will find the Circle seating. With seat rows numbered from A - H, with wheel chair accessible seating at the rear of this section.

Right at the top we have the upper circle. Which gives a great view over the rest of the auditorium. Seat rows are numbered from A - M

Hazel O'Connor Seating Plan

Hazel O'Connor Seating Plan The Lowry
Hazel O'Connor Seating Plan The Lowry

20 November 2017 19:00

4 Tickets Available - Minimum Price £75

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