Stadium Toulouse Seating Plans

Formerly known as Stadium Toulouse

Stadium Toulouse is also known as Stadium Municipal

Stadium Toulouse Address 1, allée Gabriel Biénés, Toulouse, 31400, France 31400


Where are the best seats at Stadium Toulouse?

Stadium Toulouse Seating PlanThe Stadium Toulouse consists of multiple tier seat blocks, which are located in an unusual pattern. Seats are located in the Virage Est, Virage Ouest, Tribune Nord and Tribune Sud. Normally seat blocks are numbered around a stadium for the entire tier. The Stadium Toulouse seat blocks around the stadium including all tiers, so seat block 1 is  found on the lower tier. Seat block 2 is also on the lower tier, however seat block 3 is on the upper tier. Continuing around the stadium the pattern changes, so it is important to check the location of the seat block that you will be sitting in to ascertain how far away from the pitch you are and how high up you are.

Virage Est Seat Blocks


Virage Ouest Seat Blocks


Tribune Nord Seat Blocks


Tribune Sud Seat Blocks