Parc des Princes Seating Plans

Parc des Princes Address 24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud, 75016 Paris, France 75016


Parc des Princes Floor Plans and Seating Layouts

Where are the best seats at Parc des Princes?

Parc des Princes Seating PlanThe Parc des Princes is a 48,712 capacity, all-seater football stadium in southwest of Paris, France, it is the home of French football club Paris Saint-Germain. In 2016, the stadium will host matches for the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals. The stadium's size makes it the fourth largest stadium in France. The Park des Princes is not only a sporting venue. It also plays host to major music events such as Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones.

Seating Configuration at Park des Princes

Seating at the Park des Princes is arranged around the pitch in four stands names, Tribune Paris, Tribune Borelli, Tribune Auteuil and Tribune Boulogne, each made up of numbered seat blocks. The seat block numbers and locations are listed below.

Seat blocks with a 100 index are closest to the pitch, those with a 300 index are found in the middle elevation of the stands and those blocks with a 400 index are highest up and furthest from the pitch. Seat blocks are numbered in an anticlockwise direction, with lowest and highest numbered blocks in each stand being located closest to the corners of the stadium.

Tribune Paris

Seat Blocks 101 - 110, 301 - 310, 404 - 407

Seat block 306 is the central most seat block in the stand, with a great view of the halfway line.

Tribune Borelli

Seat Blocks 115 - 125, 315 - 325, 417 - 423

At the halfway point of the Tribune Borelli you will find seat block 320.

Tribune Auteuil

Seat Blocks 111 - 114, 311 - 314, 411 & 414

Tribune Boulogne

Seat Blocks 126 - 129, 326 - 329, 426 & 429